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6 Scary Insurance Misconceptions

There are lots of spooky things about Halloween. Just a few include ghosts, goblins and the unfathomable: running out of Halloween candy.

Not many people add insurance to this list, despite the fact that a coverage gap could leave you and your family in serious financial trouble.

Six scary insurance misconceptions

  1. Your home insurance policy automatically includes flood and earthquake insurance.
  1. Your homeowners and personal auto policies will cover you if you use them to operate a small side business.
  1. Your homeowners policy will automatically replace your lost or damaged items in today’s dollars.
  1. Only millionaires need a personal catastrophe liability (PCL) policy.
  1. I’m not responsible if my friend wrecks my car.

  1. You only need life insurance if you have kids.

There’s no need to fear a potential a coverage gap. Simply talk with an insurance professional like an Erie Insurance Agent. He or she can tell you about affordable options that give you the protection you need. Don’t worry–they won’t try to sell you ghost insurance (a real insurance coverage). Learn more about ghost insurance by checking out our Weird Halloween Insurance Facts infographic.

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