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The Hidden Risk Most Homeowners Ignore

Last fall, Chuck Feeney of Glenview, Illinois, noticed some unusual things around his home. It took longer than usual for water to drain from his sinks, and his home’s sump pump struggled during storms. So he decided to check out his drains’ outdoor clean outs. The verdict: not good. “They were overflowing at that point,” […]


Prevent Frozen Pipes

Winter brings a whole new set of risks to your home with its snow and low temperatures. Frozen pipes can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Learn tips on how to prevent your pipes from freezing here: https://www.erieinsurance.com/home-insurance/home-safety/prevent-freezing-pipes


Health Insurance for 2016

Questions about obtaining health insurance for the new year? Unruh Insurance is here to help. Open enrollment for purchasing health insurance for 2016 begins November 1st. In order to have insurance in place for January 1st, applications must be submitted by December 15th. January 31st is the last day of open enrollment. After that date […]


Quick and Convenient Life Insurance

We know you’re busy and finding time to get to our offices can be difficult. Thanks to LifeSense, you can apply for up to $90,000 of term or whole life insurance via phone and e-mail. No medical exam is required either! Simply answer a few health related questions and you’ll know within a few days […]


Erie Auto Plus Endorsement

Erie Auto Plus enhances your coverage with features you’ll be glad you have if you ever have an auto claim. Here is what you get with Auto Plus: Diminishing deductible Your deductible is reduced by $100 for each consecutive claims–free year, up to a maximum reduction of $500.   Transportation expense If your vehicle is […]


New PA Law Requires Carbon Monoxide Alarms

By June 2015, PA law requires carbon monoxide alarms to be installed in apartments in a multifamily dwelling which have any of the following: A fossil-fuel burning heater/appliance A fireplace An attached garage Owners of multifamily rental properties are responsible for installing alarms in bedrooms and near the heater/appliance/fireplace, replacing stolen, missing, or broken alarms, and changing batteries at […]