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Car Insurance Agent vs Direct

8 Ways a Local Insurance Agent Makes Your Life Better!

Car insurance commercials — if you watch TV, you can’t help but see them. Whether there’s funny talking animals or quirky spokespeople, these commercials for national insurance companies promise you the best price when you buy your auto policy direct from them. So, let’s compare your local insurance agent vs direct from the company online.

As one of Lancaster County’s largest insurance agencies, we demonstrate the local insurance agent benefits to our customers throughout their long relationship with us. In fact, many of our customers have come to us for better coverage and better service — after being frustrated with buying insurance from a national company.

Read our blog to learn about the insurance agent benefits of working with a local auto insurance team!

Insurance Agent Benefits

People often wonder, if I can get a slightly-cheaper price on car insurance somewhere online, why wouldn’t I? This is the question that sparks the discussion of car insurance agent vs direct online purchase. While buying insurance online from a national company gets you a slightly cheaper price tag with possibly less coverage and funny talking amphibians, no one there knows who you are — and no one has your back if you have an accident.

family working with a local car insurance agent

Learn about the local insurance agent benefits:

1. A Personal Relationship for Better Service With Unruh Insurance, you’re a name and a face, not a number. You’ll have one point of contact here rather than a call center of hundreds of people. This is particularly important if you ever get into an accident and need our support. We care about clients, and we ensure they get taken care of after an accident.

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2. We Walk Our Clients Through the Claims Process Following a car accident, you might feel a little stressed. Dealing with the foreign language that is insurance isn’t the best way to relieve that stress. When you’re with Unruh insurance, we walk you through every step of the process and help you translate everything that’s going on and what it means. This is a local insurance agent benefit that most people don’t think of — but appreciate immensely.

3. We go to Bat for Our Clients Following an accident, we’ll be your biggest champion. If the insurance company or adjuster is having difficulty in handling your claim, we will assist them with it instead of leaving it up to you. We have more influence with the national insurance companies than a single customer. Plus, we know almost all of the insurance adjusters by name. Basically, if we call, they know it’s serious business.

4. We Assess Your Policy to Make Sure You Have the Coverage You Need Car insurance can be a complicated field. When you buy your plan online, you’re on your own. When you work with Unruh you’re backed by a team of experts. We assess our members’ policies to guarantee they have sufficient coverage. In addition, we can ensure you have the extras you want like a new car replacement or a diminishing deductible. While most companies advertise these bonuses during their commercials, actually getting them written into your policy is more complicated than they make it seem.

5. Updates to Your Insurance Policy are Easy Whenever you move, add a new driver, or buy a new house, you need to update your insurance coverage. When you work directly with a national insurance company, that means a frustrating ordeal of waiting on hold and being asked to spell your name a thousand times. When you’re with Unruh, you can call us or stop in — and it’s easy as that.

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6. If you lose your insurance card, we’ll send you another one Another simple but overlooked benefit of a local agent. Legally, you need to have your insurance card in your vehicle. If you lose your card and you’re just with a national company, they’ll make you jump through a series of hoops to replace it. We’ll just send you one ASAP!

7. Unruh Works with Local Garages We don’t just make it easier for you following an accident, we make it easier for whoever is handling your repairs. That way they can skip the red tape and get your car back as soon as possible.

8. We Can Find You Ways to Save We can help you find new ways to save on your insurance premiums with multi-coverage discounts and accident forgiveness. We’ll tailor our plans to your exact needs to make sure you get the best coverage for the right price.

cars insured by local auto insurance company

Unruh Insurance, Your Local Auto Insurance Company

For our customers, we’ve been the definitive answer to the car insurance agent vs direct insurance debate for over 40 years. We provide our customers with the knowledge they need when making a decision, fantastic support after an accident and competitive car insurance quotes.

To get all of the advantages of a local insurance agent through the Unruh Insurance team, call us today to start the conversation and get your FREE car insurance quote.

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