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5 Benefits of Using an Insurance Agency

We live in an increasingly automated world. While that may sometimes make things easier, you don’t always end up with the result that you were hoping for. Sometimes, you need to go a more traditional route to get the results you are looking for. For instance, when it comes to insurance, using an insurance agency may seem like an extra step. However, in reality, agencies exist to give you a better overall insurance experience.

Think about it this way: There is nothing wrong with telling Google or Siri to play your favorite playlist. It’s a quick way to get to your tunes. But vinyl records are back in style and for good reason. Do you remember flipping through and carefully choosing a record, placing it on the turntable, and dropping the needle? The results are high quality music and a better overall experience.

Insurance is similar – by using an agency, not only do you get a great experience, but you get a better end result as well.

Without further adieu, here are five benefits of using an insurance agency.


Working to Save You Money

Did you know an independent insurance agency represents multiple insurance carriers?

You could spend a lot of time filling out forms and comparing quotes between multiple carriers. Or you could think of a local agent as your own personal shopper. You can trust that when you tell them your budget and your needs, they will use their expertise to “shop” with their various carriers to find you a policy that saves you money and meets your coverage needs.

Simplifying the Process

While an agency isn’t “automated”, per se, agents work to simplify the complicated world of insurance on your behalf. They are trained to work with insurance carriers and navigate technical jargon to ensure you and your family are protected. And in the event you have a claim, an agency’s customer service reps are ready to help you through some of life’s most difficult times.

BONUS: If you have auto insurance and decide you need to add, say, a business and life policy to your plan, there’s no need to contact multiple companies. Your insurance agency is a one-stop-shop!

Going Local with an Insurance Agency

One of the best things about using an insurance agency is the fact that the agents likely live and work in the same community as you do. Not only do many agencies take a vested interest in helping their communities and supporting other small businesses, but an agent will have your best interest in mind as well.

Expert Advisors

Using a local insurance agency has its benefits.An insurance policy from a local agency includes your own expert advisor. By simply explaining your situation and needs, agents are able to use their knowledge to find a policy that fits you. They know which policies carry extra perks and which ones to bundle to save you money. Your agent will also periodically review your policy and suggest additional coverage to make sure you’re protected.

A Lifelong Relationship with your Insurance Agency

Different life stages require different types of insurance. Buying your first car; Getting married; Purchasing your first home; Preparing for a future with or without kids; Retiring; From your very first meeting with your agent, you can trust they will have your back.

No matter where you’re at in your life journey, it’s never too late to consider using an insurance agency, either.

Small Business Feel, Better Results

We know that the insurance world can be a complicated place. However, by using your local insurance agency, you can trust that your agent will always have your back.

At Unruh Insurance Agency, we serve Berks, Lancaster, Lebanon, and the surrounding counties in Pennsylvania. With locations in East Earl and Denver PA, we take pride in serving and supporting our communities.

Each policy we issue comes with a knowledgeable agent, our excellent customer service, and coverage from one of the great carriers we work with, like Erie or Travelers. For a quote, click below and let us know a little bit about you and what you’re looking for.

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