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Business Liability Insurance in PA

As a business owner, protecting your company from internal and external threats is one of your biggest responsibilities. That’s why understanding and maintaining proper business liability insurance is an important component in managing your enterprise successfully. At Unruh Insurance, we offer complete coverage from a variety of trusted business insurance companies. Get your FREE business insurance quote today.

Like any type of personal insurance, business liability insurance protects your business in the event of an unforeseen incident. For example, if you’re a contractor and you damage a client’s house, your liability insurance will cover the extent of the damage leaving your business in the clear. On the other hand, the right coverage can also be used to protect the equipment that is crucial to your business. Finally, if you own a restaurant or store, you need business liability insurance to protect your interests in the event someone is injured on your premises.

Since the amount of coverage and individual nuances differ from industry to industry, working with a knowledgeable business insurance agent is important. At Unruh Insurance, we have experience writing business insurance quotes for a wide variety of industries and can adapt to the nuances of your specific industry. At Unruh Insurance, we don’t merely offer business insurance as an afterthought, we specialize in it. Contact us to talk to an experienced agent and get your business insurance quote.

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Business Insurance Quotes

Having sufficient insurance coverage keeps your business protected from unexpected occurrences. Most people recognize the importance of this. However, like most business owners, you also need to ensure you’re getting a good deal for your money. That’s why at Unruh Insurance, we work to write competitive business insurance quotes from a variety of leading business insurance companies. This ensures that we can offer you a good price on the complete coverage you really need. You shouldn’t have to decide between peace-of-mind from the right insurance and a monthly payment you can live with. Start a conversation with our Lancaster, PA business insurance agency and get your free quote.

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Writing for Erie & Other Business Insurance Companies

At Unruh Insurance, we write for multiple business insurance companies to guarantee that we can provide our clients with the best rates on coverage that match your industry-specific needs. This is the same approach we take with our auto insurance clients, and we also apply it to our business clients. We’ve partnered with a wide variety of Pennsylvania companies including home contractors, bars, restaurants, auto dealerships, grocery stores, manufacturing, and many more.

We have a relationship with Erie business insurance and several other prominent insurance companies to help Pennsylvania business owners secure insurance that meets their budget and provides the complete confidence they need. Learn more about everything we offer and get your Erie business insurance now.

A Business Liability Insurance Agent in Lancaster & Reading PA

When a business is left facing an incident or a disaster without proper business liability insurance, it can sometimes cause them to close – even after decades of savings and success. That’s why having complete and sufficient coverage is a crucial component of any successful, long-lasting business.

While many companies offer some degree of business insurance in Lancaster or Reading, PA, they don’t truly specialize in it the same way that Unruh Insurance does. We have specific business insurance agents dedicated to helping local businesses and writing policies from numerous business insurance companies.

Talk to one of our business insurance agents to learn more about possible gaps in your business insurance coverage and to learn about opportunities to save at the same time. Come in for a consultation in one of our Lancaster County offices or contact us for a free business insurance quote.

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