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Insurance Q & A

If you have insurance or are shopping for insurance, you probably have questions. Here are some questions
that people ask and the answers. We trust you’ll find the information valuable. If you have a question that is
not covered here, just contact us and we’ll get you an answer.

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What’s Cheaper: Insuring Old Cars or New Cars?

Many people believe that insuring old cars costs less than insuring new cars. However, that’s not always the case. Newer vehicles with safety features like back-up cameras and automatic braking do a better job of preventing accidents. However, it typically costs more to repair and replace a car with the latest safety features. We spoke […]


What is Liability Insurance and why do I need it?

I’m a safe driver. I don’t do risky things. Someone I know would never sue me. Sound like something you’d say? When it comes to truly terrible events, many people have an “It can’t happen to me” mentality. This belief is not only false—it’s also dangerous. “Believe me when I say a catastrophic event can […]


What is an Insurance Adjuster?

Most of us know what an insurance company is. But just what is an insurance adjuster? Sometimes it’s not clear who adjusters are and how they’re trained for the job. (After all, how many colleges offer “insurance adjusting” as a major?) To get some answers, we went behind the scenes with Chad Smith, a property […]


Flood Insurance

Q: I don’t live in an area that’s prone to flooding. Do I really need to buy flood insurance? A: In most cases, it’s a good idea to purchase flood insurance. After all, floods are the number one natural disaster in the United States, and they happen in all 50 states. What’s more, people outside […]


Do I need Life Insurance?

Life insurance is something people in many different situations and stages of life should consider. Even knowing this, you may still wonder why life insurance would be a good fit for you. Check out the following list to understand what kinds of expenses life insurance can cover. You and your loved ones will have greater […]