5 Benefits

Of Using an Insurance Agency

By Unruh Insurance

There are quite a few benefits to working with an insurance agency when compared to working directly with "big box" insurance carriers.

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Saving You Money

An insurance agency represents multiple carriers. An agent will use their expertise to "shop" with those carriers to find a policy that saves you money.


Simplifying the Process

Insurance agents are trained to navigate the complicated world of insurance on your behalf. Plus, if you have a claim, an agency's CSRs will help you through life's most difficult times.


Going Local

Not only is your local insurance agency just around the corner, but many have a vested interest in helping their communities and supporting other small businesses.


Expert Advisors

Having a local agent means having an expert advisor who knows you, your needs, and which policies come with money-saving perks and bundling options.


Lifelong Relationship

Life is a journey! Whether you're buying your first car, getting married, purchasing your first home, or retiring, your agent will always have your back.


When you choose a local insurance agency like Unruh, you get a knowledgeable agent, great coverage, and excellent customer service!

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