Tying the Knot

Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

By Unruh Insurance Agency

April 26, 2021

What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance protects you financially from any mishaps that may occur on your big day, allowing you to focus a little more on tying the knot.

What to Know:

There are two main types of wedding insurance policies: 1: Cancellation 2: Liability

Cancellation Insurance

This helps you recoup deposits paid to your vendors if you're forced to cancel or postpone your wedding.


What it covers

Most cancellation policies accept the following reasons for claims: • Family illness • Military deployment • Extreme weather

What about COVID?

So, what about cancelling because of COVID-19? The simple answer is most insurance carriers won’t cover cancellations due to the pandemic, because it’s now categorized as a “known event.”

Liability Insurance

Liability coverage will help protect you financially in case of injuries to wedding guests and venue damages.


What it covers

For instance, if Uncle Jerry breaks more than a move on the dance floor and you have liability insurance, you're protected from having to foot the bill.

One Less Thing to Worry About

When it's time to talk about wedding insurance, don't be afraid to ask your agent questions. With a policy in place, you can focus more on tying the knot. 

More Answers

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