Policy Review

Why an Annual Insurance

is a Smart Move

Your Agent is an Expert

With all of the ins and outs of the insurance industry that you may not be privy to, it's important to consider an annual policy review with your insurance agent. Your agent can help you with a policy review.

Heads Up:

Save Money


Did you know you may be eligible for discounts on your homeowners insurance because of upgrades to your home, like smart devices?

Find Gaps in Coverage


For example, if you recently renovated your home, you may no longer have the level of coverage you need.

Avoid Missing Payments


Be sure to keep your banking info up-to-date, too. If you have automatic payments set up with an old bank account, you may end up missing a payment.

Items of Interest To Review

• Moved or remodeled home

• Married

• New job/retired

• New family members joined your household

• New driver or vehicle

• New recreational vehicle

• Purchased a seasonal home or property

• Started a home-business

• Banking information

The Right Coverage

All things considered, we recommend a yearly policy review to ensure you have the right coverage at the right price.

The Right Price