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5 Types of Homeowners Insurances to Add-On

No one likes surprises when it comes to their homeowners insurance. Your agents at Unruh Insurance Agency, Inc. want you to be informed about what your homeowners policy covers, and what it doesn’t. We feel that by being well-informed, you as the policy holder can be better equipped to make decisions about what coverages are important for your specific situation. These are some homeowners insurance add-ons that you may want to consider.

Expand Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage with Unruh

Here are 5 coverages that you can purchase along with your homeowners insurance policy to tailor it to fit you perfectly. These homeowners insurance add-ons cover a wide range of situations.

Underground Services Lines (Water, Sewer, Electrical, Cable, Gas) — These underground utility lines bring necessary and helpful services into your home. As a homeowner, you are responsible should any kind of damage occur to the underground lines on your property. This type of damage is most commonly caused by tree roots or age of the service lines, and is an expense not covered under a basic homeowners insurance policy. Adding underground service line coverage to your homeowners policy can be especially important if you live in an older home with dated underground systems.

Approximate Annual Premium: $45

Flood Damage — Water damage caused by flooding is often unexpected. But there is something you can do to plan for the possibility. Where you live and how your home is situated will determine the necessity of having flood coverage added to your homeowners policy. This can be a very important type of homeowners insurance add-on to include with your policy.

Approximate Annual Premium: $200 to $300, depending on the amounts of coverage and your flood zone risk.

Sinkholes — In Central Pennsylvania we are hearing increasing stories in the news about sinkholes. Depending on the geological composition of the ground on your property, your home and other structures could be susceptible to this catastrophe. Adding the sinkhole endorsement onto your policy will ensure that you won’t have to face the expense this can bring on your own.

Approximate Annual Premium: $120

Sewer and Drain Back-up — When municipal drainage systems overflow due to heavy rain or snow melt, the water may back up into your home, causing damage to flooring, walls, and your property. Damage may also be caused by a sump pump or other drainage system that doesn’t function properly. The damage caused by this type of event can be expensive to restore. A sewer and drain back-up endorsement on your homeowners policy can give you peace of mind if the unthinkable happens.

Approximate Annual Premium: $100 (for $5,000 coverage limit)

Matching Siding and Roof Restoration — While siding and roofing damage are covered under your basic homeowners policy, if a perfect match in materials isn’t available, your policy does not cover replacing an entire roof or all of the siding on your home. Rather than being forced to accept a mismatched section of siding or shingles, adding siding and roof restoration coverage will allow you to replace your entire roof or the siding on your entire home if you have a loss that is covered to one portion of it.

Approximate Annual Premium: $30

Why to Work with Your Local Insurance Agent

Being a homeowner is a big responsibility, but with a tailor-made insurance plan, you can be proud of your property and keep it running smoothly and beautiful for years to come. Contact your knowledgeable customer service agent at Unruh Insurance if you have questions or would like clarification about which homeowners policy add-ons might be beneficial to you. We’re here to make sure your policy is a perfect fit!

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