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Protecting History

Joseph Charles Taylor started a real estate business in Upper Darby in 1928. About a decade later, he decided to expand into the world of personal and business insurance. Eventually, the business was sold and split into two entities, one for real estate and the other to focus on the insurance side of things.

Later in the 1960’s, J.C. Taylor Insurance partnered with the Antique Automobile Club of America (Hershey, PA) and began offering specialty auto insurance to club members, a partnership that stands strong today. This would eventually lead to what we now know as collector car insurance.

At Unruh, we’re proud to be able to offer coverage from J.C. Taylor. To get started with a quote, click the button below.

J.C. Taylor Insurance

How Much is Your Classic Car Worth?

Planning on insuring, buying, or selling your antique, vintage, classic, or collector car? Or perhaps you’re just curious about the value of your car…Take a look at this online tool that will help you evaluate how much your car is worth.

Proud Sponsor of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA)

Collectors put more time and care into their classics and antiques than a standard car while driving them on a more limited basis. Therefore, paying standard auto rates for a classic or antique car never really made much sense. Already touting a partnership with the AACA, J.C. Taylor took this idea and ran with it, leading to what we now know as collector car insurance. More than six decades later, J.C. Taylor Insurance is still serving members of the AACA.

J.C. Taylor Insurance Features:

  • Spend Less
    Collector auto insurance can be up to 40% less than standard auto insurance
  • Agreed Value
    You are paid the full value of your car in the event of a covered total loss
  • Automatic Coverage
    New additions to your collection are automatically covered at purchase price
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount
    Multiple classic cars to cover? Discounts are available.
Classic Car Insurance from J.C. Taylor

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