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Unruh Update | Winter News 2021

Winter Edition of the Unruh Update

Our latest quarterly release of the Unruh Update includes topics like the importance of home maintenance, an employee spotlight, our Employee Giving Program, and a couple other little tidbits. Read a little more below, or click the button for the full PDF version of our newsletter.

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The Importance of Home Maintenance

Homes are a big asset to all of us, and when it comes to keeping your home safe and claims-free, proper maintenance is key. Did you know that water damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the US? It’s a major claims issue that no one wants to have happen. So when you see something that is not right, say something. Exclusions in insurance policies do not state “only if visible” when referring to leaks. Waiting a few weeks or months to report an issue can cause even more headaches in the long term and increases the risk of having the claim denied due to a water leak that has been happening for weeks, months, or years.

To be safe, checking all the hoses in your house should be done on a regular basis. Dishwasher and washing machine hoses are two common areas that claims adjusters often find to be the cause of a water leak. Not filing a water claim in a timely manner could also lead to mold growth and that opens another can of worms with even greater expense due to a higher level of cleaning required.

Don’t hesitate to call our agency and speak to a CSR. Our specialists are here to help you with your insurance questions. Looking for an additional tool for your home maintenance toolbox? Our homeowner policies come with a complimentary 12-month membership to vipHomeLink, a smartphone app that helps you organize, maintain, and improve your home. Features include:

  • Home organization
  • Maintenance reminders and recommendations
  • Home improvement tips
  • Project tracking analysis
  • and more

Download the iPhone or Android app. For more info, see the full version of our newsletter above.

For the Love of Community

Every year, we allot each Unruh employee a sum of money that they can donate to a non-profit of their choice. The Unruh Employee Giving Program not only empowers our employees, but it’s an excellent way for us to give back to people in extraordinary and redeeming ways. This year, we were able to donate upwards of $50,000 to both local and worldwide organizations. You can find the entire list of organizations here.

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