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Best Motorcycle Insurance: Premium Coverage for Pennsylvania Riders

Motorcycle riders in most states, including Pennsylvania, are required to have insurance. A standard policy for motorcycle insurance includes bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. There are other optional coverages available for bikers, such as collision and comprehensive insurance. Unruh Insurance understands that choosing which coverage is right for you can be tricky. We are a motorcycle insurance agency with the expertise to help guide you to which plan is best for you and your bike.

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Rider Coverage: Your Motorcycle Insurance Agency

As you would assume, the coverage for motorcycle insurance is similar to that of car insurance. The average coverage provides financial protection for injuries or property damage. Typical motorcycle coverage policies include liability insurance, which is coverage that will pay for potential damage you cause to others. If you have multiple motorcycles, ask about our discounted multi-bike policies!

We know that sometimes you’ll borrow a friend’s bike for the weekend or rent a bike while you’re travelling. However, if you ride another bike, keep in mind that your motorcycle insurance may not have you fully covered. Beware, liability insurance doesn’t always follow the rider to a new bike if you’re involved in an accident. If you have any questions about what your policy will cover when on another bike, be sure to check with your Unruh motorcycle insurance agent.

Scooter & Moped Insurance

There may be a drastic power difference between motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, but they are still similar in performance and usage. Some states require them to be covered under motorcycle insurance policies for them to be street legal. So, whether it be moped insurance or scooter insurance you’re looking for, the same policy offers you protection for incidents incurred while operating your vehicle.

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Which motorcycle insurance coverage you should purchase depends on what’s right for you and what your bike’s value is. Additional options include the amount of coverage for your own injuries in an accident and how much protection you want for your belongings. These policies vary by state, but the motorcycle insurance agents at Unruh Insurance specialize in what’s required for Pennsylvania riders.

Contact us today to customize your motorcycle policy and see all of your coverage options to keep you protected on the open road!

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