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Full Tort vs Limited Tort in PA: What to Choose

When picking a new car insurance plan, deciding if you want full tort or limited tort is one of the toughest choices to make — particularly because most drivers aren’t 100% sure what it means. At Unruh Insurance, we’re all about making insurance stress-free, and that’s why we’re here to explain full tort vs. limited tort in PA.

 *Please note that we are licensed in Pennsylvania. 

Read our latest blog to learn what each of these terms mean in plain English, the advantages of choosing each one, and the facts about whether full tort or limited tort is more popular in your demographic.

Full Tort and Limited Tort Defined

car accident lawsuit

Choosing full tort vs limited tort determines to what extent you can sue another driver for damages after an accident. The option you choose is a clause that is written into your car insurance policy that only becomes relevant if you are injured after an accident.

What is Limited Tort?

Limited Tort: If you choose limited tort, you are only permitted to sue another driver in the case of serious impairment, loss of limb, permanent disfigurement, or an injury that prevents you from working for the rest of your lifetime. In some cases, the courts are asked to rule on specific limited tort exceptions.

Choosing limited tort can save you up to 40% on your monthly auto insurance premium.

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If you choose limited tort, any minor medical bills, like a sprained wrist or broken ankle, will need to be covered by your own car insurance’s allotment for medical bills, and when that is used up, your health insurance policy.

In some select cases, drivers can enjoy full tort benefits even if they have a limited tort insurance plan. For example, if you are hit by a drunk driver, you have full license to sue them. In addition, motorcyclists who are hit by cars have full tort protection.

What is Full Tort?

Full Tort: If you choose full tort, you are free to sue any driver who has hit you in an auto accident. No matter how minor the injury, you have every legal right to litigate.

man with full tort car insurance injured after accident

The money won in a lawsuit can be used to offset medical bills and lost income. Compared to limited tort, full tort is the more expensive option to choose. The increase in premiums makes many drivers wonder, “Is full tort worth it?”

What Should I Choose?

Deciding between full tort and limited tort is a personal decision that depends on your monthly budget, your family, and whether you would ever sue another driver.

Since this is a personal decision, we can’t tell you what to do in a blog. If you want help deciding between full tort vs limited tort, have a conversation with one of our experienced car insurance agents today.

young driver with limited tort car insurance

While we can’t tell you what to do, we can tell you what other drivers in similar positions to you choose to do.

  • Parents are the most common group to select full tort. Since they know they have a responsibility to their children, they need to be able to secure a healthy settlement in case they are involved in a serious car accident.
  • For young drivers, limited tort is the more popular option. Since car insurance for new drivers is always more expensive, they want to be able to save money wherever they can.
  • In general, most Lancaster drivers prefer limited tort for the simple reason that they wouldn’t actually sue someone. Since they know this about themselves, it doesn’t make sense to pay more money for an opportunity they would never take.

There are other plans for drivers who need MAXIMUM protection but know they would never sue after an accident. Some drivers choose limited tort and raise the maximum amount of First party medical coverage their car insurance provides them. This affords complete protection without the need to go to court after your accident. This is just one of the many ways Unruh Insurance can customize your plan to meet your individual needs.

Auto Insurance Quotes from Unruh

Whether you want full tort, limited tort, or you’re still deciding, trust Unruh Insurance to get you a competitive rate and provide superior auto insurance service. We are a true local company who ensures that there is a local agent able to talk through your insurance questions, face-to-face.

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Learn more about the advantages of a local car insurance agent.

Whether you need more help deciding between full tort and limited tort, or you want to see how much you can save on car insurance, contact us today.

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