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10 Big Car Insurance Saving Secrets!

It’s your money, so spend it on what you LOVE — not on car insurance! These are REAL tips from your local Lancaster insurance agency to trim your auto insurance payments. Try using these secrets out today and watch your payments plummet — plus, get your FREE insurance quote right now!

1. Report your activity and mileage accurately

One of the primary factors an insurance company uses when determining your payments is how far and often you drive. If you start working from home or have any reduction in how much you drive, report it — it may make a difference on your insurance premium.

2. Drive safe and keep your record clean

This is a no-brainer, but sometimes the simplest wisdom is best. Keeping your record clean from accidents and violations should lower your car insurance rates year after year.

Learn more about how an accident impacts your insurance rates.

3. Keep your credit score looking good

This is an unexpected strategy when researching how to lower your car insurance rates. Car insurance companies look at your credit score and history when calculating your total premium. Keeping your credit score in a good place can trim down your payments.

4. Get driver tracking hardware and prove you’re safe

Some insurance companies offer discounts if you can prove you are a careful driver. Your insurance provider tests your driving style by mailing you a piece of hardware to install in your car. The hardware then reports back to them — and you can get rewarded based on what it finds.

Coming soon: Some insurance companies are developing and rolling out mobile apps that can do the same thing — just in an easier to use format that saves you money with less hassle.

5. Make sure you have First Accident Forgiveness

This often forgotten clause is one of the best tips on this whole list. First Accident Forgiveness can help keep your payments locked-in after an accident. Make sure it’s included on your policy.

6. Take a safe driver course through the state

If you’re age 55 or older, you can take a safe driving course through the state or AAA. Not only is it good to brush up on the rules of the road, but your insurance company may reward you by lowering your insurance premium.

7. Pay on an annual pay plan

Some insurance companies — including ones with Unruh Insurance — give you an off-the-top discount if you pay the year’s premium all at once. If you have the lump sum available, you’ll save about 7% total! This is just one more benefit of working with a local insurance agent.

Learn more about the benefits of working with a car insurance agent.

8. If you’re buying a new car, opt for the right upgrades

While buying a new car isn’t a feasible way to trim your bills, if you are buying a new car, look at ones with safety and anti-theft features. Insurance companies will almost always lower your premium when you drive a safe and secure vehicle.

9. Bundle home and auto

A multi-policy discount is one of the best ways to see immediate savings on your car insurance premium. Bringing your auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and any other property insurance together at one agency can cut your rates across the board! If you haven’t bundled up and saved, do it today!

10. Review your current coverage

One of the best ways to lower your car insurance rates in a meaningful way is reviewing your current coverage. Just make sure you aren’t losing any coverage to secure your savings — cutting valuable coverage is NEVER worth saving a few dollars per month.


Car Insurance Quotes from Your Local Agent

At Unruh Insurance, we make it our mission to offer competitive quotes on outstanding insurance. We want our customers to like the price they pay every month — and love the peace-of-mind they feel whenever they get behind the wheel.

In addition, as a local agent, we can make ourselves available in-person to help you understand and work through all of your insurance needs. Contact us today for a quote and to discover the local insurance agent difference.

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