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Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

You want your big day to be absolutely perfect — and as carefree as possible. However, if you’re like most people, you also want to limit any and all unnecessary expenses. This is why couples often ask, “Do you need wedding insurance?” We always highly recommend purchasing wedding insurance — even if it isn’t legally required like car insurance is.

At Unruh Insurance, we’re the PA insurance agency that handles all of your coverage needs — and answers all of your pressing questions, too. In today’s blog, we’re breaking down why you need to have wedding insurance, what it includes, and other insurance needs that newlywed couples have.

Why Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

why do you need wedding insurance

If it isn’t legally required, why do you need wedding insurance? From our perspective, the stakes and the potential risks are too high — while the premiums are too low — to not consider it. In addition, many well-established wedding venues make wedding insurance a requirement for using their space.

If you’re still on the fence and wondering whether you need wedding insurance, it might be helpful to learn a little more about the 3 major wedding catastrophes it covers:

  1. Damage to the Venue — This is one of the most essential reasons why you need event insurance. If one of your guests accidentally causes some type of property damage to the venue, you are responsible. If you neglected insurance coverage, you and your spouse are on the hook for that damage — and restoring the venue’s luxury features won’t be cheap.
  2. Guest Injury or Accident — While you certainly don’t like to think about it, there is always the risk of something going amiss and someone getting injured. If you purchase insurance for your wedding, a guest’s injury would be covered by the event insurance.
  3. Vendors Backing Out/Defaulting on Contracts — Once again, this is something you don’t want to think about, but it is good to be prepared for. If one of your event vendors (caterer, DJ, photographer, etc.) backs out unexpectedly, your wedding insurance covers the money you paid to them to ensure you aren’t financially impacted.

The possibility of something going amiss on your big day, costing you thousands of dollars, is too much of a risk. The peace of mind alone makes event insurance for your wedding worth it. The liability limits and individual details differ based on the policy, and we recommend that you reach out to one of our insurance professionals to find the perfect option for your event.

Other Insurance Needs for Newlyweds

insurance needs for newlyweds

Getting married is one of the most magical life events — but there are also a few practical things to keep in mind as you begin your lives together. These are a few of the insurance questions newlyweds need to answer:

  • Are you combining auto policies? — Bundling your auto policies together can help get you a better rate, and after your wedding is the perfect time to start saving money everywhere you can.
  • Do you have complete home or renter’s insurance? — Whether you’re going to start living together in an apartment or upgrade to your first home together, this is an important time to assess your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.
  • Do you have life insurance? — This is the time for the two of you to have a tough conversation about life insurance. More than ever, you want to make sure your loved one is protected.

    Learn more about how much life insurance you need.
  • Are you planning to add engagement ring insurance? — Not only are your engagement and wedding rings the all-important symbols of your commitment, but they are a large financial investment, too. We encourage newly married couples to strongly consider adding their rings to their insurance.

    Read more about why you need engagement ring insurance.

Contact Unruh Insurance for Wedding Insurance

We hope that we’ve fully answered the question, “Do you need wedding insurance?” but if you want more specifics, our agents are here to help! One of the advantages of working with a local, mid-sized insurance agency rather than a national corporation is that we make time to answer your questions and to help you understand everything you need to know about your policies.

Contact us today to start the conversation and to get a FREE quote for your wedding insurance and so much more!

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