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Lyft and Uber Driver Insurance Must-Haves

If you drive for Uber or Lyft, your car is your livelihood. You might not think about it, but the right car insurance is a crucial tool to protect your income. All auto insurance is important, but Lyft and Uber driver insurance is even more so. Rideshare insurance needs to protect your car — and keep you supported with coverage when you’re out on the roads making money.

While Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies cover the drivers when they are going to pick up a passenger or driving a passenger, this still means you are on the roads for long stretches of time only backed by your private insurance. In addition, damage to your car can leave you unemployed — just another reason that quality car insurance is necessary for Uber and Lyft drivers. Read our blog and learn what makes for the best insurance for rideshare drivers!

 *Please note that we are licensed in the following states: DE, IN, MD, NY, PA, TN, VA, and WV. 

What Makes for the Best Insurance for Uber & Lyft Drivers?

best insurance for lyft drivers

Cheap car insurance is a risk for anyone, but when your livelihood is on the road, you absolutely can’t afford to risk not having adequate insurance coverage. At Unruh Insurance, we often write car insurance policies for rideshare drivers — and we know Lyft and Uber insurance needs to include:

  1. Permission for Business Use — The first thing that rideshare insurance requires is that the policy should allow for business use, specifically for rideshare driving. Some national insurance companies will actually void your coverage if you drive professionally. This can leave you facing an emergency if your insurance company drops you after an accident or if you have an accident and coverage is denied. At Unruh Insurance, we can write car insurance policies for Uber drivers that permit business use. These plans typically cost less than 10% more than a traditional policy — but they’re absolutely worth it.
  2. Collision and Comprehensive — Since your car is your livelihood, damage that keeps you off the road keeps you from being able to earn money. We always recommend that rideshare driver insurance include collision and comprehensive. You want to ensure that any damage to your vehicle is taken care of — quickly and completely. For most people, waiting a few weeks to get their bumper fixed is an inconvenience — for you, it damages your business. Learn more about the risks of liability-only insurance.
  3. A Lower Deductible — Since your job necessitates more time driving in places like cities where bumps and scrapes are more frequent, you need to protect your car. We often say that the best insurance for Uber and Lyft drivers comes with a lower deductible. This means you’ll never struggle to come up with the money to pay for the much-needed auto repairs. After all, waiting a few weeks to fix auto body damage is okay for most people — for you, it’s not an option.
  4. Higher Medical Limits — Even the safest drivers are capable of getting into a serious accident. That’s why the best insurance for Uber and Lyft drivers features higher medical limits to ensure that medical bills won’t come back on you after an accident.

Generally, what makes the best insurance for Lyft drivers and Uber drivers is what makes it the best for everyone else: excellent coverage, the extras you need, and a competitive rate.

Trust Your Local Insurance Agent

While almost everyone appreciates the local insurance company touch when buying an insurance policy, it’s especially important for professional drivers. You need to understand exactly how you’re covered and what your deductibles look like. Since this is a matter of your livelihood, it’s especially important to work with a local agent. Unruh Insurance has two convenient locations in Lancaster County, and our agents always make themselves available for face-to-face consultations with our clients.

Whether you are an existing Unruh client and are starting rideshare driving, or you’re looking to find the best insurance for Uber and Lyft drivers, we can help.

Get Your Lyft and Uber Driver Insurance Quote

best insurance for uber drivers

When you’re ready to be covered by a comprehensive insurance plan that keeps you protected while you’re driving, start the conversation today. At Unruh Insurance, we offer a wide range of policies that are perfect for Lyft and Uber drivers.

Contact us to discuss your car insurance needs — and to get your free quote.

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