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Your Insurance Agent Can Help: Policy Review

Insurance agents are a great source of information. Saving you money and helping you find the right amount of coverage is part of what they do. So, who better to help you with an annual policy review than your agent?

We know you’re probably wondering if a policy review is necessary. Consider this: You purchased your home a few years ago and have since upgraded to smart devices like a thermostat, smoke alarms, and a security system. Did you know you may be eligible for discounts on your homeowners insurance because of those upgrades?

With all of the ins and outs of the insurance industry that you may not be privy to, it’s important to consider an annual policy review to help identify gaps in coverage, update your info, and turn-up potential savings. And who doesn’t love saving money?

Here are a few things to consider for an annual policy review.

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The Way to Proper Coverage and Savings

As knowledgeable as insurance agents are, they still rely on you to inform them of changes in your life. By completing an annual review with your agent, you can ensure you have the proper coverage and qualifying discounts applied to your policies. The following are items of interest for a policy review:

  • Moved or remodeled your home
  • Changed marital status
  • New family members joined your household
  • Switched jobs or retired
  • Added a new driver or vehicle
  • Purchased a new recreational vehicle
  • Purchased seasonal home or property
  • Started a home-business
  • Banking information

Another reason to review your policies is to stay up-to-date on automatic and optional endorsements (which is just a fancy way of saying an option that adds, removes, or changes the coverage in the policy). For instance, Erie Home policyholders recently had an endorsement automatically applied to their accounts for gift card reimbursements. This update means Erie will reimburse customers (up to $500) for remaining balances on eligible gift cards that can no longer be used at independently owned and operated local businesses due to business closures. Pretty cool right?

So be sure to stay up-to-date on your policies! You are more likely to save money and end up with coverage that best fits your needs.

Ready to Contact an Insurance Agent?

All things considered, we recommend a yearly policy review to ensure you have the right coverage at the right price. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, your insurance agent is ready to help. Backed by knowledge and experience, they will be able to walk you through a policy review.

If you’re ready to review your policy or simply want to find out what Unruh Insurance Agency can do for you, be sure to contact us. We’re experts at finding you a policy that fits your needs and your budget.

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